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Aditi Bardia, Symbiosis International University

Her area of interest is Animal Laws and their intersectionality with other areas of law. She is particularly interested in Wildlife Laws. She has interned in the capacity of legal research and policy intern at People for Animals India, Animal Law Centre, NALSAR and is currently working as a member of the Counter Wildlife Trafficking Program at Wildlife Conservation Society, India.?She recently founded an Animal Liberation Committee at her?college to catalyze debate, discussion and research on animal?cruelty and abuse. She has drafted a chapter on the Indian Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act in the first Indian Animal Law Handbook which is under publication. She is currently co-authoring two research papers on the intersectionality of Labour laws and Animal Laws and International laws for Marine Biodiversity Conservation respectively. She is also a rescue volunteer at a local Animal NGO in her hometown. She aspires to specialise in Animal Laws after graduation and explore the ways in which she can maximise her impact in conferring protection on animals. 


Aryan Mandal, University of Bristol

Aryan is studying law at the University of Bristol, and is part of the University Law Clinic. He believes that Animal rights should be given the same stature as Human Rights and the first step to achieve it would be to make universities teach students Animal Law. Alongside this he loves wildlife photography and his dream is to see the black panther in it’s total wild nature. 

Dara Eisen, University of Durham

‘I am currently a PhD student at Durham University and my work focuses on how international law treats “harmful” cultural practices. One of the main practices that I look at is whaling and concerns for the welfare of whales is an key issue in my research. This is a passion project for me and one day I hope to become a barrister. I have been a vegan for around 6 years and being involved in protecting animals is a great passion of mine. I studied Animal Law at LJMU during my undergraduate degree course and I hope to spread more awareness through my role as an ambassador.’ 

Kshitija Purandare, University of Durham

My name is Kshitija and I am a third year Law student at the University of Liverpool. I have always been passionate about animal welfare and have been volunteering at various animal charities such as RSPCA for several years. My third year dissertation also is on the topic of the development of animal welfare regulations. I’m so pleased to be representing A-Law at Liverpool and learn more about the field of animal welfare law! I look forward to working with the professionals here and doing my bit to help support the organisation.

Molly O'Donoghue, University of Aberdeen

My name is Molly O’Donoghue, and I am a final year law student at the University of Aberdeen. When not studying, I enjoy cooking, going for long walks, and watching true crime documentaries. I am passionate about animals, and throughout my time at University have been involved with several animal welfare related projects.

Naomi Harland-Smith, University of Durham

Naomi is a PhD student at Durham University. She first became interested in law when studying a jurisprudence module during her year abroad in Paris and, following a Master’s degree at Oxford, began her legal studies. Her current research turns to continental literature and philosophy in approaching the legal question of personhood for animals, fostering a posthumanist openness that welcomes the animal as a guest rather than an enemy, as a subject instead of an object. In lieu of blurring the distinction between human/animal, she is considering the possibility that the animal could teach us how we ourselves might escape the hostility of intellectual captivity and bias in the hopes of envisaging a post-anthropocentric conception of ‘animalhood’. She is excited to organise A-Law events involving other faculties in the humanities and sciences to encourage a multiplicity of viewpoints on legal issues. In her free time, you can probably find her in a park surrounded by squirrels or rehabilitating injured pigeons!

Parnika Chaturvedi, University of Bristol

I am Parnika, a first year law student at University of Bristol. As a student ambassador, I’m hoping to develop a platform that allows us to advocate the current issues relating to the rights and welfare of animals, network with individuals of the same beliefs, and hopefully influence many to delve into the broad field of animal law. 

Yuriko Yoshikawa, Queen’s University Belfast

Yuriko Yoshikawa is studying Master’s in Law at Queen’s University Belfast. She became interested in animal rights and environmental justice after reading a book called “We are the Weather” by Jonathan Safran Foer. She looks forward to having a great time with the A-Law community. 


Gretta Datton, MCL at University College Dublin
Gretta is a Masters student completing the MCL at University College Dublin. She is passionate about animal rights and welfare, veganism, and sustainability. Originally from Seattle, she has lived in Dublin’s Stoneybatter neighbourhood with her boyfriend and cat named Piglet for the last five years. 


Nadia Napieraj, Edinburgh University

Nadia Napieraj is a second year LLB Law student at the University of Edinburgh. She has a wide range of interests, including animal welfare, technology, poetry, art, and volunteering. Apart from being a student, she also writes articles on legal aspects of M&A deals with other students at Investing Volt, looks for legal work experience, takes part in poetry/law competitions, tries to connect with her pets left at home with family, and explores Edinburgh. 

Mary Legge, Edinburgh University

I am Mary, a final year accelerated LLB student at the University of Edinburgh. I have a huge passion for animal rights and Veganism and I thoroughly enjoy pursuing this through my role as Student Ambassador for A-law. My ultimate goal is to contribute throughout my life to the improvement of animal welfare standards as well as the education of animal law. I also have two rescue Pomeranians who are my best friends in the world!

Carys Cloke, Oxford Brookes

Carys is the A-Law Student Ambassador for Oxford Brookes. She has grown up surrounded by animals and has always been passionate about the treatment of animals. Carys is keen to spread awareness and encourage others to become more involved in making a positive change to the welfare of animals.

Haweya Dahir, BPP

I am 27, and my name is Haweya. I am studying my LPC at BPP law school, and I am in my second year. I look forward to volunteering with A-law for another year. 


Emily Smith, University of Law

My name is Emily, I’m currently a student at the University of Law studying the GDL, hoping to pursue a career in animal and environmental law. I studied my undergraduate in English at Lincoln University where I also volunteered at several animal sanctuaries during my spare time and wrote a blog on conservational and environmental issues. I’ve been lucky enough to travel and incorporate sanctuary and conservation visits to meet a variety of animals which opened my eyes to the issues animals are facing in the UK and worldwide. My rescue cat Wilf was abandoned by his previous owners and has gone from feral to the most loving pet and has shown how much animals need our help. I’m excited to become a A-Law ambassador and make a difference. 

Helena Mistry, Birmingham City University

My name is Helena Mistry and I am a second year Law student at Birmingham City University. Alongside my studies I am Participation & Inclusions Officer at my university’s law society, a legal assistant and a trainee advisor at Citizens Advice Bureau. I am a member of the Earth Society and I am an ex instagrammer for BCU’s Hedgehog Friendly Team where I campaigned/ made awareness about hedgehogs. 


Barbara Dienes, Queen's University Belfast

My name is Barbara and I’m a first year Law and French student. I am passionate about justice and equality, and I have a particular interest in Human Rights and Animal Law. As Emile Zola once said, ‘Man’s highest duty is to protect animals from cruelty.’ My deepest desire is to be able to, in 60 years, confidently say that I have put maximum effort into helping animals. I believe that in a world where one has the power to communicate with people in any part of the world, whether that be through technology or other, it is time to connect and create a barrier of protection for animals that no human greed or ill-intention can break down.



Selinay Hurses, University of Kent

My name is Selinay, and I am a second year LLB Law and Politics student at the University of Kent. Alongside my studies, I am ‘Corporate Liason and Outreach Officer’ of the 93% and also the Co-Chair of the Cyprus Friendship Program Alumni Association. I am beyond excited that I will be taking an active role in spreading more awareness about Animal Rights in Kent. My ultimate goal is to extend my knowledge and experience so that I will be able to share my insights and invaluable experience in Cyprus as well. I am looking forward to working with the A-LAW team and to make a difference!




Grace Stone, University of Essex

My name is Grace, and I am a second-year LLB Law student at the University of Essex. Animal welfare has always been of great importance to me, but I have only recently learned that I am not helpless to watch injustice, and that I can make a difference in this field. My goal is to use my platform as a campus ambassador for A-LAW to support others in realising that they can make choices as individuals, and campaign for bigger change, to act for the innocent and speak out for the voiceless. I aspire to eventually gain my solicitor’s qualification and use my specialist skills to lobby for change in this area.



Ambassadors in action! Be inspired…

by some of the ways our current and former Ambassadors have been helping animals.

Robin Luo

Robin Luo visited and volunteered at Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary.


‘We believe that experience like this provides a great opportunity to learn about anti-speciesism and non-violence as a philosophy and a way of life. Furthermore, interaction with other non-human animals allows us to see them as individuals with distinct personalities, and to understand them in a way that cannot be achieved in a classroom setting. Such understanding is crucial to our ability to think critically about existing laws and social arrangements, and how they can be improved to better protect animals.’

Safia Bagha

Safia Bagha and her Leicester A-LAW Student Chapter held a vegan bake sale to raise funds, and discuss animal interests on their campus. She also held a week long series of events! Read below!

‘Animal Law Week was a successful week with various interactive events aiming to give students an insight into animal law and the University of Leicester Animal Law Committee. Our first event was a table set up in our Student’s Union entrance, our goal for the table was to raise awareness about A-LAW and bring attention to our committee at the University. 

Our second event was a debate night held in collaboration with the University of Leicester Debate Society. Prior to the debate, we had arranged two motions to be discussed: trophy hunting and animal captivity. We began with animal captivity, which led us into a debate with two very compelling sides. As we spent most of the time discussing animal captivity, which involved lots of deep discussion, we ran out of time and were unable to debate trophy hunting. Many interesting points were raised throughout the debate with many students participating, leading to an engaging and thought-provoking event. Collaborating with the Debate Society proved to be incredibly successful, and the committee looks forward to working with them more often in the future.’ Continued on next slide.

Safia Bagha

Animal Law Week continued:

‘Our third event was a documentary screening. We showed The Ghosts in Our Machine, with vegan snacks provided. The documentary followed an animal rights photojournalist documenting the various ways in which animals are used in industries globally. The documentary raises important questions about animal rights and ownership over non-human animals. The film was thought provoking and brought attention to important issues regarding animal welfare and rights laws. We were also joined by a law lecturer interested in this field, Dr Joe Wills, who helped facilitate the post-film discussion. 

Our last event of the week was a trivia night with vegan pizza provided. The trivia involved random categories as well as a special category on animal law and recent updates in the animal law field. The quiz night proved to be a success with students enjoying vegan pizza and learning fun facts about animal law. 

Overall, Animal Law Week was a week filled with events showcasing the various ways in which animal law can be engaged with by students. The goal of raising awareness and bringing attention to animal law and issues within the field was achieve. The events also allowed the committee to learn about ways to improve attendance and engage students, leaving us excited for more Animal Law Weeks in the future!’

Sam Groom

Student Ambassador, Sam Groom, organised and hosted the UK’s first animal law moot competition at City University, titled, the Cecilia Moot! 

Sam said: ‘The success of this years’ competition in engaging so many students in animal law for the first time and in bringing practitoners together to hear arguments on current issues was inspiring and entirely due to the talent and energy of all who took park!’

This competition now runs annually, internally, by a small team of volunteers at A-LAW. The registration period begins every year in September. You can find out more information on our Cecilia Moot page!

Maria-Elena Cacace

Maria-Elena Cacace ran a race to raise funds and spread awareness for animal interests.

Beliz Inan

Beliz, our Leicester Student Ambassador, hosted a bake sale on her campus to raise funds for A-LAW and to raise awareness for animal law on her campus.

The event was a success and the team also managed to get a hold of Lush product samples to help promote the idea of ethical testing and buying. They provided us with product samples to give away during the bake sale. It was great to see so many people interested in animal law during the event as we had lecturers and students asking questions about how we can combat issues in relation to animal rights and welfare. We also handed out some leaflets which informed the general public about the work A-LAW do.

For those of you who are thinking about fundraising, our top tip would be to just go for it! With some preparation and organisation, your event could too help promote animal law and raise awareness. We are the voice for animals so never be silent. The more people that know about the reality, the better the chance we have of securing more effective laws, for example, in relation to better animal welfare. So, if you feel passionate about this area of law then don’t feel afraid to share your passion and knowledge with the world, because you can make change happen.’

Aditi Bardia, Aryan Mandal, Parnika Chaturvedi

On Earth Day, April 22 2021, A-LAW’s Student Ambassadors, Aditi Bardia, Aryan Mandal and Parnika Chaturvedi, hosted guest speakers Gauri Maulekhi, Trustee with People For Animals India and Duncan McNair CEO, Save The Asian Elephants (STAE) for an important and insightful discussion about the plight of the Asian Elephants and other IUCN Red Listed Species and how to protect them.

Mary Legge

Mary Legge, Student Ambassador in Edinburgh, and Founder and Chair of her Edinburgh A-LAW Student Chapter, hosted an event on chicken welfare in the UK. She hosted guest speakers Danielle Duffield, lawyer, adjunct animal law lecturer, co-chair of A-LAW’s Farmed Animal Working Group and co-founder of the New Zealand Animal Law Association, and Professor Andrew Knight, Professor of Animal Welfare and Ethics, and Founding Director of the University of Winchester Centre for Animal Welfare. Watch the event recording on our YouTube Channel – Animal Law TV!


Our Student Ambassador, Helena, hosted a bake sale at her university to raise funds for A-LAW. Here’s what she said about her bake sale:

‘My name is Helena and I am a student ambassador for A Law and participation and inclusions officer at the BCU Law society. My initiative for fundraising through a bake sale was because I felt more students in the university would engage more with the event rather than just making it exclusive to certain members of the university. Through collaborating with the BCU Earth Society, we were able to make the cupcakes vegetarian which would work with my idea of trying to be more environmentally friendly. There was a lot of engagement with the students as I spoke to many law students, who had no idea that animal welfare law was a type of law in which I was able to educate them on this. I also spoke to an environmental officer and a student who was very interested in animal welfare which we had a great discussion on. The fundraiser was definitely a great way to not only raise money for A Law but to educate people on animal welfare and promote A Law as a charity as some students were curious about who we were raising funds for. All it in all it was a successful fundraiser and we raised £102.50!’

Testimonial Iyan Offor

“Animal activists are no stranger to a groundswell, grassroots movement. Even in university environments, many of the world’s most renowned animal law programmes were borne out of the efforts of students who expressed interest and requested/demanded an animal law education. This is precisely why the role of student ambassador is so vital to sustaining and growing the presence of animal law in the UK. I have benefited from the insights and guidance of the UK Centre for Animal Law since I discovered their work in my second year as an undergraduate. As a PhD student in animal law, I was finally able to give something back as a student ambassador and I had a great time doing it. I even saw an event I organised inspire the creation of the A-LAW Scottish Steering Committee, on which I now sit. I would encourage anyone with an interest in animal law to work with A-LAW in any capacity they can: we need the roots of this movement to spread far and wide!”

Testimonial Mary Legge

“We current students are the upcoming professionals, lawyers, policy-makers. We have the opportunity to make a change, and to start now. The role also has introduced me to so many inspirational people in the field of animal law. It not only provides the opportunity to increase your involvement with A-LAW but also to learn, make connections, and develop a community that will continue beyond graduation.”

Testimonial Samuel March

“Animal Law isn’t something they’re going to teach you anything about on the GDL, LPC or BPTC, so A-LAW’s student group is vital to students looking to get that knowledge and experience. I volunteered as a student ambassador so that I could start learning more about the law pertaining to animals, build my CV, and meet other interested students. I had a great time organising my University’s internal rounds of the Cecilia Animal Law Moot, I’ve made lots of connections, written for Animal Justice UK and attended a wide variety of talks and webinars. It has all paid off: since finishing my coursework I have been working on Animal Law cases as a paralegal with Advocates for Animals.”

Testimonial Dara Eisen

“I think it is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference and raise awareness for animal welfare issues. You also have the chance to get creative and organise any events that you think might be beneficial! I would really encourage others to do this, getting involved with A-LAW isn’t just an opportunity to help animals, it’s also a chance to meet people with the same passion and interests as you! Animal law is an area of the legal field which is still in the early stages of development. If we want to achieve longevity and create an impact with animal law then students, who are the future of law, need to be engaged!”

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