'The UK Journal of Animal Law is essential reading for anyone working in the field o‎f animal welfare, written as it is by legal experts who explain how to use the law for the benefit of animals, not only in the UK but the EU as well.' - Peter Collins, solicitor

The UK Journal of Animal Law provides an interdisciplinary and critical study of the law (including comparative law) as it applies to the rights and welfare of animals. It is published twice a year and includes peer reviewed articles and news about animal law, including case law and legislation. You can download past editions for free below. Become a member to receive the latest editions.

The Journal is peer reviewed by a panel including animal welfare and law experts, Chris Draper, Angus Nurse, Iain O'Donnell, Gareth Spark and Darren Calley. We invite submissions for consideration for publication. If you are interested in submitting an article, please contact the editor, Jill Williams, at journaleditor@alaw.org.uk. Our style guide is below.

UK Journal of Animal Law A-law

The UK Journal of Animal Law July 2017

In this issue:

Brexit: Opportunities and Threats for Animal Welfare

What does Brexit mean for Wildlife?

The Applicability of GATT Article XX(a) to Animal Welfare

Opinion: Animal Welfare Under Trump: The Real and Anticipated Concerns - A Personal View from America

Case Materials and News

Freedom of Information and Animal Experiments: A Case Study

Journal of Animal Welfare Law February 2016

In this issue:

Contemporary Dog-fighting Law in the UK

Bats and the Law

“The Hunting Act 2004 has been a useless piece of legislation and therefore should be repealed.” Discuss

Animal Welfare Law and Policy news roundup

Wild Animals as Pets: The case for a review of the Pet Animals Act 1951

Journal of Animal Welfare Law December 2014

In this issue:

Cats and the Law: Evolving Protection for Cats and Owners

Case Reports, Updates and Other Materials

Domestic Violence: The Impact on Pets

Journal of Animal Welfare Law Spring 2014

In this issue:

Judicial review of prosecutorial decisions: implications for animal welfare in Scotland

Making it up as they go along: Marius and the zoo industry’s inconsistent approach to self-regulation

News, Cases and Other Materials

Does justice apply to animals? Winning student essay

The beginning of the end? The International Court of Justice’s decision on Japanese Antarctic whaling?

Journal of Animal Welfare Law 2013

In this issue:

Striking the balance: The Dangerous Dogs Act, Dog Welfare and Public Protection

Cases, Materials and News

‘Philosophical belief discrimination’: Employment Law Protection for workers with strongly held beliefs about Animal Welfare

The Legal meaning of Charity and how the Public Benefit Test affects Animal Protection Organisations

Journal of Animal Welfare Law Autumn & Winter 2012

In this issue:

Science, Politics, Law: Badgers and Bovine TB

A Manifesto for Wildlife Law Reform: Assessing the Law Commission’s Proposals for Wildlife Law reform

Cases and other materials

Implementing the CHIMP Act: The Case for Federally Promulgated Criteria to Immediately Retire Chimpanzees from Laboratories to Sanctuary

"Anti-fur" Policy and the European Union Paradox: Towards a Ban on Fur Farming for Community Law Consistency

“Regulating cruelty”: The licensing of the use of wild animals in circuses

Journal of Animal Welfare Law Spring & Summer 2012

In this issue:

Beyond Farm Gates: Criminology, the Agricultural Industry and Animal Abuse

On the Virtue of Solidarity: Animal Rights, Animal Welfarism and Animals’ Rights to Wellbeing

Weighing the necessity of animal suffering in religious slaughter: religious freedom versus consumer choice and animal welfare

Live Animal Exports: An Inhumane and Unnecessary Trade

News, Updates and Briefings

Orcas – A Landmark Case

Animal Welfare Protection: A Universal Concern to Properly Address in International Law

Journal of Animal Welfare Law Autumn & Winter 2012

In this issue:

Undercover evidence: The use of covertly filmed footage as evidence in animal welfare prosecution

Simba and the Vienna Bronze Sculpture – a brief examination of the plight of the rhinoceros

The abuse of animals by juvenile offenders

Case Summary: Jakobski v Poland (Application no. 18429/06)

News Updates

International Conference on Veterinary and Animal Ethics

Government and Church inaction allows Animal Cruelty to thrive claims Oxford Theologian

Review of “The link between Animal Abuse and Human Violence”

No substitute for the law

Wild Animals in travelling Circuses: the Circus has still not left town

House of Commons Symposium: ‘Zoo licensing - is the regulatory regime working?’

Journal of Animal Welfare Law March 2011

In this issue:

Enhancing the Protection of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes

Sentencing in Animal Cruelty Cases

Compassion In World Farming Briefing

Case Reports

News Updates

Badgers and Bovine Tuberculosis

The Zoo Licensing Act 1981 and the Welfare of Animals in the UK

Journal of Animal Welfare Law December 2010

In this issue:

The Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) Annual Reviews

BUAV call on the UK Government to stop supporting the trade in wild-caught monkeys for research

Proposed badger cull

Farm animal welfare regulations

Media Reports

Case Reports

News from Europe

Older editions

Journal of Animal Welfare Law Spring & Autumn 2010

Journal of Animal Welfare Law Spring 2010

Journal of Animal Welfare Law Spring 2009

Journal of Animal Welfare Law July 2008

Journal of Animal Welfare Law June 2007

Journal of Animal Welfare Law January 2007

Journal of Animal Welfare Law August 2006

Journal of Animal Welfare Law April 2006

Journal of Animal Welfare Law November 2005

Journal of Animal Welfare Law May 2005


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