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The UK Centre for Animal Law (A-law) is a charity which brings together lawyers and other people interested in animal protection law to share experience and to harness that expertise for the benefit of animals, by securing more comprehensive and effective laws and better enforcement of existing animal protection laws.

In the UK we are unique as an organisation, focusing on promoting knowledge and understanding - both amongst lawyers, universities, animal protection groups and the wider public - about animal protection laws in the UK and elsewhere around the world. We do this through publications, including The UK Journal of Animal Law, training seminars, conferences and online resources and through contributing strategic legal assistance in support of animal protection group projects.

Through our work, we (a) increase the legal capacity of the animal protection community to be better able to use the law to protect animals, and (b) increase the depth of understanding of animal law within the UK legal community, which helps make law and justice in the UK more effective in protecting animals.

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Read back copies and subscribe to A-law's publication,  The UK Journal of Animal Law and its sister publication for students and academics, Animal Justice UK.

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We have a wealth of online resources for people interested in animal law, including a comprehensive reading list with suggested text books and articles, information about sources of animal law, where to study animal law, external training events and much more. Visit our resources page to find out more, as well as reading more about us and how we work with our team of legal volunteers.



Animal law refers to the body of legislation, regulations and case law concerning the welfare and protection of animals. Animal law crosses many different legal disciplines, including tort (veterinary negligence), crime (animal cruelty and neglect) and public law (scrutinising the impact of Governmental decisions on animal welfare), but it has in common an intention to protect animal interests.

Animal law is directly concerned with the way in which nonhuman animal interests are taken into account across a range of uses, including farming, research, sport, entertainment and companionship and in our interaction with them in the wild.

Where the balance should lie between human and nonhuman interests is a vitally important question for lawyers and for society.

Philosophy of Animal Rights

A-law supports and encourages discussion about the proper philosophical, ethical and moral approach to animal protection law. We want to stimulate discussion about the philosophies underpinning laws that protect animal interests. This includes promoting discussion about academic theories about animal law at undergraduate and post graduate levels.

Read more about the different philosophies concerning animal protection law, including animal rights and other approaches.

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