Welcome to our video library. Here you will find recordings of past events, as well as exclusive videos about animal protection law and policy. This includes our Bitesize Animal Law Series, which provides an excellent introduction to animals and the law from leading experts in the field.


Bitesize Animal Law

Enjoy videos from our first Bitesize Animal Law series, which took place in Summer 2020. In these videos, experts from the sector introduce key concepts from animal law and policy.

The History of Animal Law by Dr Simon Brooman

In our first Animal Law Bitesize episode, Dr Simon Brooman provides an introductory history to animal law. Dr Brooman is a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and SEEDS award winner 2020 from the International Society of Animal Rights for his contributions to developing Animal Law in Higher Education.

Legal Personhood for Animals by Dr Joe Wills

In our next Bitesize episode, Dr Joe Wills introduces the concept of legal personhood for animals. Dr Joe Wills is a lecturer in law at the University of Leicester. His research interests are in the areas of human rights, animal rights and moral and political theory. He was recently awarded a Leverhulme Research Fellowship to produce a monograph on the moral and legal status of animals in Britain.

Animal Welfare, Ethics and Science by Dr Gareth Spark

In this Bitesize episode, Dr Gareth Spark considers the interaction between animal welfare, science and ethics. Dr. Spark is an Associate Professor in Law at UEA Law School, University of East Anglia and completed his LL.B (Hons) and LL.M by Research at the University of East Anglia. He also holds a Ph.D from the University of Cambridge.

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 by Mike Radford OBE

A-LAW Trustee, Mike Radford OBE, provides an introduction to the UK’s Animal Welfare Acts. Mike Radford is a Reader in law in the University of Aberdeen. Over the course of thirty years, he has extensive experience of teaching animal welfare law and working with politicians, officials, NGOs, and professional bodies in developing public policy towards non-human animals.

Representing Animals in Public Policy by Dr Steven McCulloch

Our next Bitesize session is presented by Dr Steven McCulloch and focuses on how to represent animal interests in the public policy process. Dr Steven McCulloch is Senior Lecturer in Human-Animal Studies at the University of Winchester. Steven qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 2002 from Bristol University and holds a BA Philosophy from Birbeck College, London University. He has a PhD from the Royal Veterinary College, London University, for his thesis ‘The British animal health and welfare policy process: accounting for the interests of sentient species’. Steven’s research focus is on the ethics and policy of animal protection. His research has shown how UK government policy making excludes the interests of sentient animals. Steven proposes animal welfare impact assessment and independent ethical analysis as key reforms. He has applied these reforms to controversial policy issues such as bovine tuberculosis and badger culling. His more recent work has focused on Brexit, which he argues poses substantial risks to animal protection in the UK, EU and internationally.

Issues & Challenges in Wildlife Protection by Libby Anderson

Join Libby Anderson for our next Bitesize talk, in which she discusses contemporary issues and challenges in UK wildlife protection. Libby is the Policy Advisor for OneKind (formerly Advocates for Animals) and was previously the charity’s Policy Director. Over the past 20 years she has worked to influence Scottish legislation relevant to wild animal welfare, including hunting with dogs, the regulation of snaring, the protection of seals, general licences for the taking and killing of wild birds and the use of wild animals in travelling circuses. Libby is also involved in supporting campaigns on wild animal welfare issues such as a ban on snares and other traps, the culling of mountain hares and the use of glue traps. She is the Secretary of the Wild Animal Welfare Committee (WAWC), which she helped to found in 2014.

Farmed Animal Legislation by Paula Sparks

In this episode, Paula Spark, A-LAW Chairperson, summarises farmed animal legislation. Paula was previously in practice as a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers. Paula has an interest in animal law and regularly lectures and writes on topics around animal law and policy; she is currently a visiting lecturer at the University of Winchester where she teaches animal law and policy. She also has experience in the voluntary sector, where she worked prior to starting independent practice as a barrister.

Bitesize Animal Law: Animals, Social Justice & Interconnectedness

Our second Bitesize Animal Law series, which took place throughout Autumn 2020, focuses on animals, social justice and their interconnectedness.

The Human Animal Bond & 'No Pet' Clauses by Sarah Dixon & Dr Elizabeth Ormerod

In this session, Sarah Dixon and Dr Elizabeth Ormerod discuss the human-animal bond and no pet clauses in rental agreements. Sarah Dixon is a practicising Solicitor, a Director of the FOAL Group Ltd and an animal welfare campaigner. Amongst other campaigns, The FOAL Group Ltd are currently supporting Andrew Rosindell MPs Bill, known commonly as Jasmine’s Law, which seeks to address “no pet” policies.

As Small Animal House Physician, Dr Elizabeth Ormerod was responsible for Glasgow University’s innercity charity veterinary clinic during which period she became attuned to the significance of companion animals in the lives of vulnerable people. With multidisciplinary collaboration she developed veterinary outreach programmes, delivering Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) programmes to schools, nursing homes, hospitals, sheltered housing and prisons.

As a Churchill Fellow, and in subsequent study trips, Elizabeth has travelled widely to meet colleagues overseas working on pets in housing issues. She has advocated for her clients when threatened with eviction if they do not relinquish their pets.

Elizabeth is the Chairman of the Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS); is Vice President for membership of IAHAIO and co- Chair of the IAHAIO International Task Force on animal welfare in AAI; is co-Founder and Vice President of Canine Partners, the UK assistance dog programme; she is a Trustee of Our Special Friends and an adviser to Fostering Compassion.

She is a visiting lecturer on the bond to UK veterinary schools. Her work is recognised internationally, and she is the recipient of the Inaugural International William F. McCulloch Award for Excellence in human-animal interaction practice and education.

Human Rights and Responsibility in the Anthropocene Age by Alexandra Pimor

In our next Bitesize episode, Alexandra Pimor discusses human rights and responsibility in the anthropocene. Alexandra is a senior lecturer in Public (UK and EU) Law, and co-author of Unlocking EU Law (with Tony Storey, Routledge 2018). Her studies explore the intersection between law, governance and spirituality (not in religious terms but in that ‘of the mind’) at both European and international levels. More broadly, she is a scholar engaged in earth activism, with a special focus on the advancement of nature rights and the reframing of legisprudential and jurisprudential orders, based on the ecology of law, earth jurisprudence & ethics, and conscious governance paradigm.

International Law, Animals, and the Right of Freedom from Torture by Dr Kadira Pethiyagoda

In this Bitesize episode we hear from Dr Kadira Pethiyagoda about his upcoming book: The International Human Rights Law framework should Extend to Animals.

Animal Law, Ethics & Policy Conference 2019

Enjoy recordings from our second Animal Law, Ethics & Policy Conference, which took place at Liverpool John Moores University in September 2019. 

25 Years of Animal law: Where do we go from here? by Simon Brooman & Debbie Legge

In this lecture, Simon Brooman and Debbie Legge reflect on the past 25 years of animal law thought. Brooman and Legge co-authored one of the few legal texts dedicated to Animal Law, ‘The Law Relating to Animals’, back in 1997. They also developed one of the UK’s first taught Animal Law university courses, which Simon continues to teach today at Liverpool John Moores University. In this talk, Legge also touches upon the law of ecocide.

Do the WTO rules adequately protect farm animal welfare? by Peter Stevenson

In this talk, Peter Stevenson (Chief Policy Advisor at Compassion in World Farming), discusses whether WTO rules are capable of protecting farmed animal welfare. This highly relevant talk highlights why it’s important for the UK to do what it can to insist that imports meet UK animal welfare standards when negotiating trade agreements.

Welfare of Wild Animals in Trade by Mark Jones

In this wide-ranging talk, Dr Mark Jones (Head of Policy at the Born Free Foundation) discusses global biodiversity, the international wildlife trade (IWT) and its impact on animal welfare, provisions in national and international regulatory frameworks to protect the welfare of animals traded as part of the the IWT, and future directions.

Animal Advocacy: A Lifetime of Experience by David Thomas

In this talk, David Thomas (Co-founder of Advocates for Animals and Vice Chair of the RSPCA) discusses his impressive legal career, first as a solicitor in the private sector and then as a campaigning lawyer acting in the public interest for child poverty as part of CPAG and later on as a legal consultant for animal protection causes. He is the Co-founder of Advocates for Animals, which is the UK’s first animal protection law firm.

Can Studying Animal Law Improve the Humane Treatment of Animals? by Charlie Hume & Lila Tamea

In this short talk, LJMU law students, Charlie Hume and Lila Tamea, discuss their experience studying the animal law module at Liverpool John Moores University, and how taking the course has changed the attitudes of them and their peers towards animals.

Brexit & Animal Welfare Impact Assessment: Would British Animals Vote to Leave the EU? by Dr Steven McCulloch

In this talk, Dr Steven McCulloch of Winchester University considers the potential impact of Brexit on animal welfare.

Second Conference on Animal Law, Ethics & Policy

Highlights from our Second Conference on Animal Law, Ethics & Policy, which took place on 10-11 September 2019 at Liverpool John Moores University. 

Past Events

Our past events cover a wide range of topics, from pandemic puppies to the welfare of chickens in the UK. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, Animal Law TV, and be first to see new videos.

UK Chicken Welfare: What should we know? What do we need to consider?

Our A-Law Edinburgh Student Chapter held an event on May 24th 2021, titled ‘UK Chicken Welfare: What should we know? What do we need to consider?’ The event featured speakers Professor Andrew Knight and Danielle Duffield, discussing chicken welfare and the current legal framework governing their protection.




An exchange of minds between the UK and India to protect IUCN Red Listed Species
On Earth Day, April 22 2021, A-Law’s Student Ambassadors, Aditi Bardia, Aryan Mandal and Parnika Chaturvedi, hosted guest speakers Gauri Maulekhi Trustee, People For Animals India and Duncan McNair CEO, Save The Asian Elephants (STAE) for an important and insightful discussion about the plight of the Asian Elephants and other IUCN Red Listed Species and how to protect them.



Welfare Problems of Flat-Faced Dogs: Can we ever Solve Them? by APDAWG
This APDAWG meeting explored brachycephalic welfare issues and the challenges we face when trying to improve the ‘wicked problem’ of brachycephalic dog welfare. The meeting promoted positive actions to improve the overall welfare of brachycephalic dogs.



Pandemic Puppy Buying: What have we Learnt? by APDAWG

In January 2021, APDAWG explored the buying behaviours and intentions during the pandemic period, as there has been an increase in sales, and aimed to identify and assess any themes and patterns from this period with a goal of better protecting dog welfare. Puppy prices and cases of dog theft have risen as well during this period, and these animals have been shipped both legally and illegally into the UK.





Reframing Discussions on Dog Health & Welfare: What's Needed for Progress? by Dr Brenda Bonnett

In this talk, special guest speaker, Dr Brenda Bonnett, explores current global dog health and welfare issues, and methods of improvement, including changes in legislation.

Romanian & Other Overseas Rescues: Challenges Facing Welfare by APDAWG

This webinar was hosted by APDAWG and discussed the importation of dogs from overseas rescues. The panel discussed how we can help improve, 1) long-term welfare & safety of the dogs being imported into the UK, 2) knowledge available to general public about adopting foreign dogs from reputable, responsible rescues, 3) safety of existing dog & human population in UK, including zoonotic risk, 4) accountability of importing rescues & transporters. Panel of Experts includes:

Vicki Graham – South East Dog Rescue Julia Baber – Animalcouriers Ltd Catherine Henstridge or ‘Cat the Vet’ – Small Animal & Media Vet The K9 Angels – UK Charity Rehoming Dogs from Romania Hannah Molloy – Dog Behaviourist Wendy Higgins – Humane Society International Jordan Shelley – Behaviourist & Expert in Stray/Feral Dogs

The Animal Welfare (Sentience) Act 2022: Stating the Obvious or an Obvious Step up? by Paula Sparks with the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law

This webinar was hosted by APDAWG and discussed the importation of dogs from overseas rescues. The panel discussed how we can help improve, 1) long-term welfare & safety of the dogs being imported into the UK, 2) knowledge available to general public about adopting foreign dogs from reputable, responsible rescues, 3) safety of existing dog & human population in UK, including zoonotic risk, 4) accountability of importing rescues & transporters. Panel of Experts includes:

Vicki Graham – South East Dog Rescue Julia Baber – Animalcouriers Ltd Catherine Henstridge or ‘Cat the Vet’ – Small Animal & Media Vet The K9 Angels – UK Charity Rehoming Dogs from Romania Hannah Molloy – Dog Behaviourist Wendy Higgins – Humane Society International Jordan Shelley – Behaviourist & Expert in Stray/Feral Dogs

Student Events

Events hosted by our Student Group to help inspire and encourage students to get active for animals during their time at university.

How Students can help Animals and Develop their Skills by Tiffany Mitchell

In this talk, Tiffany Mitchell (Legal Support Officer at the UK Centre for Animal Law) explains how students can help animals, whilst also developing their skills. Animal law can be a tricky field to get into, so if you’re struggling for inspiration, this talk will highlight the different ways you can get involved and build experience.

The A-law Student Essay Competition: How and Why to Enter by Sam Groom
In this video, BPTC student and A-law Student Coordinator, Sam Groom, talks A-law’s Student Essay Competition. The Competition, which Sam is a previous winner of, runs every year and provides students with an opportunity to research and write about an animal law topic. The winning entry is published in ‘The UK Journal of Animal Law’, the UK’s only academic journal dedicated to animal law and policy.



The Cecilia Moot - The UK's first dedicated Animal Law mooting competition
Do you like mooting? Are you interested to moot in our Cecilia Moot? Watch to find out more about the UK’s first dedicated Animal Law mooting competition, which runs annually.



Career Pathways Towards Legal Advocacy for Animals
The UK Centre for Animal Law hosted a careers webinar in November 2020 on animal law career pathways. Speakers included:
Sonul Badiani-Hamment – UK External Affairs Adviser, World Animal Protection
Iain O’Donnell – Barrister, 1 Crown Office Row Chambers
Frances Allen – Barrister and founder of A-LAW and the Goldsmith Animal Rights Team, Goldsmith chambers
Three lawyers who have chosen different pathways to advocate for animals are brought together to share their experiences and perspectives for the next generation of lawyers, legal academics and legal activists.



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