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We support animal welfare groups achieve their objectives by using legal strategies and we support the sector with our legal education and resources.

Helping animal welfare groups to help animals! What we can do…

to support your animal advocacy or campaign group.

The Law & Animal Welfare Reform

Read this account from A-LAW’s Legal Policy Director and barrister, Alan Bates, about how law can drive reform of animal welfare laws and act as a powerful tool to protect and advance animal interests.

Legal Strategies

We work with animal welfare and campaign groups to help them find legal soluctions to welfare problems. We help identify ways in which the law can be strengthened and better enforced. We work collaboratively with groups to help them identify legal routes to change.

Resources for the animal welfare community.

Legal Resources

Our website contains a range of legal resources and information. We also have a dedicated Animal Law News  section, with the latest animal law and policy developments, including recent cases, news and analysis.

Lawyers for Animal Welfare

Talking Animal Law Podcast

Stay updated through our podcast, Talking Animal Law, with a new episode on the last Wednesday of each month. We shine a light on debate topics, discuss ethics and animal welfare, and analyse recent cases and legislation concerning animal interests.

Courses and training

Learn about the law relating to animals. We regularly host courses and seminars covering a diverse range of topics from ethics to animal welfare law. You can access some of our past lectures on our YouTube channel, Animal Law TV. Follow us and don’t miss an episode.

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“A-LAW is a great source of information and debate. The Journal also provides a sense of community with other lawyers specialising in animal welfare law. We find the articles extremely helpful in our work in the animal welfare sector.” 

Joanna Lodge

Cats Protection

Lawyers for Animal Welfare

Membership benefits

Animal advocacy groups can benefit from A-LAW’s Organisational Membership, which includes a range of benefits including subscription to The UK Journal of Animal Law, reduced cost legal training, bespoke training packages and free advertisement of legal vacancies (including posts suitable for someone with a legal qualification) on the A-LAW website (subject to discretion).

To understand more about how we work with groups to identify legal strategies to achieve animal welfare objectives, read our Annual Report & Strategic Plan 2021

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farmed fish amro hussain

Forgotten fish – legal protection at the time of killing farmed fish

Paula talks to Amro Hussain about legal protections for farmed fish in episode #23 of our Talking Animal Law podcast.

animal law week 2023

Animal Law Day 2023

Help us celebrate animal law week, culminating in animal law day this July! Get involved 18-22 July.

Act for animals at your uni

Find out how to become a Student Member and get active for animals at your university!

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