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We are committed to ensuring that the legislation regulating the use of animals in research is adequately applied and implemented, which is more likely to happen if there is proper scrutiny, transparency and accountability. We aim to work with others to achieve these goals. The Group is led by Blanche Koenig and Simon Brooman, and supported by Nadine Lees. 

Blanche & Simon

Our policy objectives! What we’re doing…

to further the interests of the hundreds of thousands of animals used in scientific research.

The Animals in Science Working Group helps to lead and shape A-LAW’s response to matters of law and policy that affect the interests of animals used in labs across the country. We do this by carrying out our own legal and policy research projects and responding to Government policy proposals.

The Animals in Science Working Group wants to see legislation that fully supports the principles of reduction, replacement and refinement. We believe that to give full effect to those principles, issues around governance, accountability and transparency need to be addressed.

We have selected the following four priorities as our initial areas of focus:

  1. Replacement of animal use in science;
  2. Chemical regulation;
  3. Transparency and Freedom of Information; and,
  4. Oversight and accountability

Find out more about these areas below. 

If you are interested in getting involved, or would like to find out more, please email [email protected].

Our current projects! What we’re working on…

to improve how the law and policy works for research animals.

Replacement of Animal Use in Science

Chemical Regulation

Transparency & Freedom of Information

Oversight & Accountability

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