How to make your practice and CSR policy animal friendly

Many lawyers we meet want to know how they can make a positive impact on the lives of animals. We believe that simple changes in the workplace have the potential to reduce animal suffering and we encourage law firms to incorporate these within their Corporate Social Responsibility or other policies.


Include vegetarian and vegan friendly options

Important, but often overlooked, refreshments (and canteen options) offered in the workplace should include vegetarian and vegan friendly options. Where the call for non-diary milk is small, firms can keep a supply of individual, long life non-dairy milk pods. Also, remember to ask suppliers of refreshments for guests whether there is a sufficient supply of vegetarian and vegan friendly options, including non-diary spreads on sandwiches.

Household and toiletry supplies

Encourage your firm to go cruelty free

There are lots of cruelty free products on the market now that are suitable for the home and office. From toilet cleaners to washing up liquid and general cleaning products, many of our supporters choose to use brands that are not tested on animals. Look for the Leaping Bunny for certified cruelty free products or find a list of accredited suppliers here.

Fundraise for animal charities

Don’t forget to include animal charities amongst the portfolio of good causes that you donate to. You can fundraise to supply food and toys to local animal rescue centres, donate to one of the animal charities that supports a cause close to your hear or even support A-law, as the leading legal charity supporting animal causes. You can help A-law through fundraising, to support our strategic work with animal charities or by donating legal resources and pro bono help. Visit our fundraising page here and find out more about volunteering with us here.


Concerned about the horse hair used in court wigs? We are informed that harvesting from the horse is not painful and the cut horse hair used for wigs does grow back. However, if you have concerns and would prefer to go with synthetic, Chancery Wigs has a synthetic option made using Nylon, which has the advantage of an even colour throughout, which does not fade with time. Send enquiries to [email protected].

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