Submission of Manuscripts

For The UK Journal of Animal Law

The UK Centre for Animal Law publishes The UK Journal of Animal Law which provides an interdisciplinary and critical study of the law (including comparative law) as it applies to the rights and welfare of animals. We welcome contributions from all disciplines which have an interest in the legal framework for the protection of animals, including law, science and ethics.

Peer review

The Journal’s editorial panel, which includes lawyers and academics, reviews manuscripts submitted for consideration. Some editing may be necessary for a manuscript to be accepted for publication. The author will be advised of this, and their agreement sought, prior to printing. The panel uphold the right to reject manuscripts for the following reasons: content misaligned with the Centre’s aim of “benefitting the animal protection community”; poor writing; plagiarism; weak referencing (where applicable) and other factors at the discretion of the panel. If a paper is rejected the process of review together with feedback will be emailed to the author.


Manuscripts should be written in English (and use English spellings e.g. use the ending - ise instead of -ize) and not under current consideration by other publications. If published already the contact details of the previous publisher and/ or confirmation of agreement to reprint should accompany the paper. Authors are responsible (including confirming this on submission to the Centre for obtaining permission from copyright holders in relation to reproducing material such as illustrations or very lengthy quotations.

The maximum length of manuscripts is normally c. 10,000 words including notes and references.

The journal aims to be reasonably compliant with OSCOLA (Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities). For further information see http://www.law.ox.ac.uk/publications/oscola.php

Consideration should be given to sources. A suitable mix of credible primary and secondary sources is recommended. A manuscript utilising few sources is unlikely to be accepted. Please contact the editor via [email protected] if you are unsure about anything.

News, updates and other materials section

News, updates and other materials section is an important feature of the journal. The format in this section is less formal and more flexible than for other manuscripts.

Occasionally, the journal may print other features, short opinion pieces or book reviews, which will also be in a less formal format. If you have any suggestions/contributions for this section of the journal please contact the editor via [email protected].


Submissions should be made electronically in word doc. to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Title of paper, date and word count
  • Author’s name, qualifications and institution as

Please undertake spell check, referencing and compliance with style guide before submission.


If accepted for publication authors will receive an electronic version of the full journal as a PDF version, once published, together with their final paper in a separate PDF. Authors may use their own paper for institutional repositories; however, this is not available for the electronic version of the full Journal.

Once a paper is published in the Journal permission should be sought from the editor regarding reprinting in other publications and for other uses including websites.


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