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Developing Animal Law in the UK

A-law's Student Group is a place for students and academics to share information, skills and resources about the subject and study of animal law and related policy. It is also a place for students who have an interest in animal law and for those who want to use their developing legal skills to make a difference in this cutting edge field.


There are an increasing number of Universities now offering a module in animal law as part of an LLB law degree. Find information about university courses, masters degrees, PhD opportunities and short courses.

Students should contact these institutions to find out more details. Whilst A-law tries to keep these details current, we rely upon a small team of volunteers and some information may become out of date. It would help us to receive information about any changes to the information listed, including any new courses or animal law modules.


a career in animal law

Read about opportunities to apply your legal skills in practice, whether as part of a career in private practice, working for an NGO or in academia. Alternatively, if you work with animals find out more about how a legal qualification could help your understanding of animal protection laws.

We have put together some useful careers advice and information.

Read accounts from lawyers and animal welfare specialists about their experience, field work and ways in which their legal skills have been used to help animals.

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National Essay Writing Competition

Each year there is an opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students to win a prize for the best essay on animal law in our national essay writing competition.

A topic is set annually relating to a topical issue in animal law and the entries are judged by a panel of legal and animal welfare experts.

There is a prize for the winner and runners up of book tokens and the winning submission is published in the Journal of Animal Law. This offers students a great opportunity to get published in a peer-reviewed journal at an early stage in their career.

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Animal Justice UK

Our eMagazine

A-law publishes a twice yearly eMagazine, Animal Justice UK, featuring news, articles, book and program reviews with a focus on content of interest to students and the academic community.

The eMagazine is also a forum for students and academics to consider questions about animal jurisprudence, ethics and philosophy, as well learn more about animal law and editions include guides to particular areas of animal law, such as slaughter or farming regulation.

The Student Team runs Animal Justice UK and is always happy to receive information about news and events for the magazine. The eMagazine is free.

Animal Justice UK


Animal Law Careers Afternoon

A-law hosts a biennial careers afternoon for students interested in studying or pursuing a career involving animal law. Run by our Student Team, the careers afternoon is unique in offering information and advice about studying and using animal law in practice.

We are aware that many people are interested in using their legal skills to help animals. For some this will be through voluntary work in their spare time, but for others this may be working for an NGO or incorporating animal law within an area of legal practice. Others may be interested in using their legal knowledge in non-legal careers, such as veterinary practice.

A-law's first animal law careers afternoon took place on 13th January 2017 at Doughty Street Chambers, London. The afternoon included a series of talks by professionals, NGO’s, academics and students and presented students with a chance to network and socialise with people over the break and afterwards. Thanks to the support of Doughty Street Chambers we could offer this event free of charge.

Mooting Competition

In 2018 A-law is pleased to be hosting its first national mooting competition. We will be posting further details later in the year.


Academics play a vital role in stimulating interest in animal law and promoting this discipline within the animal protection community. This ensures that future generations have a strong grasp of animal law, ethics and policy which they can apply in their future careers, whether in law, or other careers where animal protection is a relevant consideration.

A-law provides a forum to bring together academics who are interested in or who are already providing animal welfare law modules at universities or other places of learning. The intention is to make animal law modules more widely available in universities so as to educate and equip the next generation of animal welfare lawyers.

We encourage the sharing and dissemination of information to academics, lawyers and students about new law courses and modules, short courses, and conferences and seminars about animal law. We welcome information about these events which we can share on this page and on our social media pages.  We also welcome contributions to the The UK Journal of Animal Law, which is published bi-annually, and for its sister publication, Animal Justice UK, which is a forum for sharing information, news, legal articles, training papers and other matters of interest to students and academics interested in animal protection laws.

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Bring Animal Law to Your Campus

The A-law Student Group offers support to students who want to set up an A-law University Group related to animal law and animal protection. A-law can help students organise:
  • Debates:
  • Film screenings:
  • Lecture seminars:
  • Networking opportunities:
  • Discussion groups: and,
  • Fundraising initiatives.

We can also facilitate opportunities to contribute to Animal Justice UK and other A-law projects.

Students interested in setting up an A-law University Group at their university can get in touch by emailing [email protected]org.uk.
Download our guide to setting up an A-law university group


We need your support. By joining A-law’s Student Group you can meet like-minded peers and legal practitioners. Membership fees are kept at a modest level for students and include an array of benefits, including:

  • Free or discounted places offered at a range of A-law events
  • Support setting up student university groups
  • Student events, including careers afternoon and mooting competition
  • Free electronic copy of The UK Journal of Animal Law
  • Animal Justice UK eMagazine

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We need your help spreading the word about animal law. We also welcome articles and news reports for Animal Justice UK. Contact our Student Team today if you'd like to help.