27 Nov 2013

Seal product ban in Europe upheld by the WTO

27 November 2013 The seal product ban in Europe has been upheld by the World Trade Organisation. Click here to read the full WTO report Further information is available on the CBC News website at: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/seal-product-ban-upheld-on-ethical-grounds-1.2438904

27 Nov 2013

Born Free – new paper on zoo regulation enforcement

27 November 2013 Born Free Foundation, in conjunction with the University of Bristol, have published a paper in the journal “Animals” entitled “Do formal inspections ensure that British zoos meet and improve on minimum animal welfare standards?” The research found: “Key aims of the formal inspections of British zoos are to assess compliance with minimum standards of animal welfare and promote improvements in animal care and husbandry. We compared reports from two consecutive inspections of 136 British zoos to see […]

04 Nov 2013

EU ban on commercial seal products upheld

04 NOVEMBER 2013 The European Court of Justice preserved the EU’s ban on commercial seal product trade when it dismissed an appeal by sealing and fur trade interests. Click here to read the judgement

19 Sep 2013

Animal Law and Public Policy Conference

ALAW and the Centre for Animals and Social Justice (CASJ) are pleased to jointly host this two day conference Location: Charity Centre, Directory of Social Change, 24 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2DP Date: Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd December 2013 The conference will provide a comprehensive review of the legal and public policy aspects of animal campaigning, covering areas such as freedom of information, judicial review, funding legal actions, libel laws, covert investigations, law enforcement, animal welfare in public policy, lobbying and protest as well […]

19 Sep 2013

A screening of the docu-film Blackfish

19th November 2013 ALAW welcomes you to a viewing of the film Blackfish followed by a short talk from Kate Harrison solicitor, a specialist in environmental law. The film will be shown at Doughty Street chambers as part of ALAW’s ongoing seminar program. Kate Harrison will then talk about her work as an environmental lawyer and its relevance for animal protection campaigners. Read more about the film below…… Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum, a performing killer whale that killed […]

19 Sep 2013

Academic conference

19 September 2013 A further reminder that ALAW is hosting an academic conference in partnership with the University of Essex. If you are an academic who would like to submit a paper for the conference or you are interested in attending or taking part please contact Alan Bates at [email protected]

22 Jul 2013

Parlimentary report – wild animals in circuses

22 July 2013 The report of the Parliamentary committee into the use of wild animals in circuses has now been published. The report concludes: “…that the Government revise its approach to the Bill so that a Schedule be attached that contains a proscribed list of animals which can no longer be used in travelling circuses. Initially, for example, there would be a ban on all big cat species and elephants but not on, say, snakes, camels, zebras or racoons. The […]

20 Jun 2013

Seminar – wildlife crime and animal abuse

ESRC Green Criminology Research Seminar Series Interested academics, NGOs and practitioners are invited to attend the third seminar in the ESRC Green Criminology Research Series. Titled ‘Wildlife Crime and Animal Abuse’, the seminar will feature three speakers with plenty of opportunities for networking and discussion. Professor Piers Beirne, University of Southern Maine, will discuss Thericide: A Name for Animal Killing and Animal Killers; Dr Keith Vincent from the Law Commission will discuss wildlife law reform, the wider use of civil sanctions […]

25 May 2013

ALAW essay competition winner announced

25 May 2013 Matthew McGhee, who will start his pupillage at 20 Essex Street in September, has won the first ALAW student essay competition. From left to right: Matthew McGhee, Sam Flanagan and Rachel Dunn. The contest was launched in November 2012 and saw law students from all over the world submit their answers to the question: Does Justice Applies to Animals? The winner was chosen by a three-judge panel comprised of David Thomas (solicitor), Alan Bates (barrister), and Dr […]

20 May 2013

Local Ocean Trust fights for whale sharks in Kenya

20 May 2013 The following extract comes from a report sent to ALAW by Dominika Flindt: “The Local Ocean Trust, a marine conservation organisation based on the coast of Kenya, is opposing an application to establish an enclosure in the Indian Ocean for two juvenile whale sharks in a net measuring around 150 meters across and 10 meters in depth at low tide and 14 meters at high tide. The applicant’s idea is to entice tourists to pay a fee […]