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Below you will find details of a selection of useful books, articles and websites that we would recommend exploring if you'd like to find out more about animal law or animal protection more generally. Please note the views expressed in these materials are those of the author or organisation and do not necessarily represent the views of A-law. To find out more about The UK Journal of Animal Law, which A-law publishes bi-annually, click on the link below.

Sources of Law


Legislation: database of UK primary & secondary legislation

Animal welfare legislation: protecting pets

Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs

Summary of UK Animal Law by Alice Collinson

Recommended reading



Ian A. Robertson

Animals, Welfare and the Law: Fundamental Principles for Critical Assessment

Joan E. Schaffner

An Introduction to Animals and the Law

Simon Brooman and Dr Debbie Legge

Law Relating to Animals

Mike Radford

Animal Welfare Law in Britain: Regulation and Responsibility

Noël Sweeney

Animals in Law

Noël Sweeney

Dogs of Law

Noël Sweeney

A Practical Approach to Animal Welfare Law

D Westerhuis et al (eds)

Emerging Issues in Green Criminology


Peter Singer

Animal Liberation

Richard Ryder

Animal Revolution: Changing Attitudes Towards Speciesism

Tom Regan

The case for animal rights

Edited by Paola Cavalieri and Peter Singer

The Great Ape Project

Andrew Linzey

Animal Rights

Yoriko Otomo

Law and the question of the animal

Mary Midgley

Animals and Why they Matter

Professor Gary L. Francione, Robert Garner

The Animal Rights Debate: Abolition or Regulation?

Cass R Sunstein, Martha Craven Nussbaum

Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions

Clare Palmer

Animal Ethics in Context

Paola Cavalieri

The Animal Question: Why Nonhuman Animals Deserve Human Rights

Andrew Linzey

Why Animal Suffering Matters: Philosophy, Theology, and Practical Ethics

Professor Gary Steiner

Animals and the Moral Community: Mental Life, Moral Status, and Kinship

Steven M. Wise

Rattling the Cage: Towards Legal Rights for Animals

Steven M. Wise

Drawing the Line: Science and the Case for Animal Rights

Tom Regan

Political Theory and Animal Rights

Michael W. Fox

Returning to Eden: Animal Rights and Human Responsibility

Professor Gary L. Francione

Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach

Professor Gary L. Francione

Animals as Persons: Essays on the Abolition of Animal Exploitation


Philip Lymbery with Isabel Oakeshott


Hilda Kean

Animal rights

Angus Nurse

Animal Harm: Perspectives on Why People Harm & Kill Animals

Appleby, Hughes, Mench and Olsen

Animal Welfare

Colin Spedding

Animal Welfare

James Yeates

Animal Welfare in Veterinary Practice

David Fraser

Understanding Animal Welfare

Andrew Knight

The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments

Andrew Linzey, Claire Linzey

Animal Ethics for Veterinarians


• The Hunting Act 2004: A summary of the legal challenges
• The canary is dead: Avian flu and the importation of exotic birds
• Why we need an animal abuser registry by Noel Sweeney (Criminal Law & Justice Weekly, 10 May 2013)
• Enforcement – the conundrum at the heart of animal welfare policy? (May 2015)
• Making it up as they go along: Marius and the zoo industry’s inconsistent approach to self-regulation by Liz Tyson, Captive Animals’ Protection Society (June 2014)
• Is this the end for Circus Elephants? by Paula Sparks (July 2013)
• Greenwood A ; Cusdin P; and Radford M J Effectiveness Study of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976: Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (2001)
• D Rook A book review of "An Introduction to Animals and the Law" by Joan Schaffner (2012) Journal of Animal Ethics pp110-113
• D Rook The use of Wild Animals in Circuses (2011) 4 Web JCLI
• Protecting Wild Animals from Unnecessary Suffering : Journal of Environmental Law 26 pp473-494
• Knight A and Leitsberger M: Vegetarian versus meat based diets for companion animals : Animals (MDPI Publication) 2016 6 pp57
• Knight A: Animal Welfare and rights: pet and companion animals in B Jennings (Ed), Bioethics (4th edition) Farmington Hills MI Macmillan Reference USA 2014 1 pp269-270
• G Spark: Striking the Balance The Dangerous Dogs Act, Dog Welfare and Public Protection (2013) Journal of Animal Welfare Law
• Dr Darren Calley Developing a Common Law of Animal Welfare: Offences Against Animals and Offences Against Persons Compared Crime , Law and Social Change Vol 55 (2011) No 5 421-436
• Lowther J The Welfare Gap: the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 and the Application to Primates: Journal of Animal Welfare Law Summer/Autumn 2010 pp16-21
• Radford M Informed Debate: The contribution of animal welfare science to the development of public policy: Animal Welfare (2004) Vol 13
• Knight (2017). Difficulties in obtaining consent. In: S. Mullan and A. Fawcett (Eds). Veterinary Ethics: Navigating Tough Cases. Sheffield, UK: 5M Publishing, pp 302-304.
• Knight A (2017). Acting without consent. In: S. Mullan and A. Fawcett (Eds). Veterinary Ethics: Navigating Tough Cases. Sheffield, UK: 5M Publishing, pp 312-315.
• Knight A. and Watson K.D. (2017) Was Jack the Ripper a slaughterman? Human-animal violence and the world’s most infamous serial killer. Animals 2017, 7, 30.
• Knight A. (2014) Animal welfare and rights: pet and companion animals. In: B. Jennings (Ed.), Bioethics (4th Edn). Farmington Hills, MI: Macmillan Reference USA, pp 269-270.
• McCulloch, S. P., & Reiss, M. J. (2017). The Development of an Animal Welfare Impact Assessment (AWIA) Tool and Its Application to Bovine Tuberculosis and Badger Control in England. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics. doi: 10.1007/s10806-017-9684-5.
• McCulloch S P (2012) A Critique of FAWC’s Five Freedoms as a Framework for the Analysis of Animal Welfare. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics. Springer. DOI 10.1007/s10806-012-9434-7.
• McCulloch S P (2012) On the Virtue of Solidarity: Animal Rights, Animal Welfarism and Animals’ Rights to Wellbeing. Journal of Animal Welfare Law. Spring/Summer 2012: 5-15
• Donnellan, L. (2018). The Cat and Dog Fur Regulation: A Case Study on the European Union’s Approach to Animal Welfare. Liverpool Law Review, 39(1-2), pp.71-97.
• Rook, D. (2018). For the Love of Darcie: Recognising the Human–Companion Animal Relationship in Housing Law and Policy. Liverpool Law Review, 39(1-2), pp.29-46.
• Gray, C., Fox, M. and Hobson-West, P. (2018). Reconciling Autonomy and Beneficence in Treatment Decision-Making for Companion Animal Patients. Liverpool Law Review, 39(1-2), pp.47-69.

• Living Property – Favre (2) Professor David Favre, Marquette Law Review. citation is “93 Marquette L. Rev. 1021 (2010)
• The Law and Animals (this article first appeared in The Solicitors’ Journal)
• Animal Protection and the Law (this article first appeared in The Law Society Gazette.)
• Animal Welfare Law and Ethics
• D Rook : Should Great Apes have human rights? (2009) 1 Web JCLI
• Simon Brooman: The New age of law relating to animals a vision of our future treatment of other species
• Oxford Magazine 2007 No 285 pp1-3
• Discourse on Inequality: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
• Animal Rights and Moral Philosophy: Julian H. Franklin
• Romanticism and Animal Rights: David Perkins
• Animal Rights; A Historical Anthology: Andrew Linzey
• http://www.animal-rights-library.com/texts-c/hume01.htm - Article by David Hume on Animal Rights
• http://www.animal-rights-library.com/texts-c/montaigne01.htm - Article by Michel De Montaigne
• http://www.utilitarianism.com/jeremybentham.html - a guide to Utilitarian philosophy
• http://www.animalethics.org.uk/bentham.html - a guide to Jeremy Bentham’s philosophy of animals
• http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/moral-animal/ - A guide to the principles of animal rights
• http://www.utilitarian.net/singer/by/1979----.htm - Peter Singer discusses the importance of Jeremy Bentham
• http://think-differently-about-sheep.com/Animal_Rights_A_History_Charles_Darwin.htm - Charles Darwin and Animal Rights
• Books of Animals: Mark Twain
• http://shc.stanford.edu/news/research/mark-twain-animal-welfare - A short guide to Mark Twain and his views on animal rights
• http://www.animal-rights-library.com/texts-c/tolstoy01.htm - Leo Tolsty’s essays on Animal Rights and vegetarianism
• http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2005/aug/06/animalwelfare - Article by Richard Ryder
• http://www.animal-rights-library.com/texts-m/ryder03.htm - Article by Richard Ryder
• http://www.animal-rights-library.com/authors-m/ - A list of modern articles about Animal Rights
• http://www.animal-rights-library.com/authors-m/singer.htm- Articles by Peter Singer
• http://www.projetogap.org.br/en/ - Great Ape Project
• http://edition.cnn.com/2014/12/23/world/americas/feat-orangutan-rights-ruling/ - Reporting of Sandra the Orangutan
• http://www.nonhumanrightsproject.org/category/courtfilings/hercules-and-leo-case/ - The Nonhuman Rights Project
• http://www.animal-rights-library.com/texts-m/anstotz01.htm- Article by Christoph Anstotz, comparing the Great Apes with profoundly intellectually disabled humans
• http://www.animal-rights-library.com/texts-m/goodall01.htm- Article about Personhood by Jane Goodall
• http://www.animal-rights-library.com/texts-m/feinberg01.htm- The Rights of Animals and Future Generations by Joel Feinberg
• McCulloch, S. P., & Reiss, M. J. (2018). A Proposal for A UK Ethics Council for Animal Policy: The Case for Putting Ethics Back Into Policy Making. Animals 8, no. 6: 88. DOI 10.3390/ani8060088.
• McCulloch, S. P., & Reiss, M. J. (2017). Bovine Tuberculosis and Badger Culling in England: An Animal Rights-Based Analysis of Policy Options. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics. doi: 10.1007/s10806-017-9685-4.
• Brooman, S. (2018). Animal Law in the United Kingdom: Academics, Conferences, A-Law and Student Engagement. Liverpool Law Review, 39(1-2), pp.1-7.
• Murray, J. (2018). Placing the Animal in the Dialogue Between Law and Ecology. Liverpool Law Review, 39(1-2), pp.9-27.
• Brooman, S. (2017). Creatures, the Academic Lawyer and a Socio-Legal Approach: Introducing Animal Law into the Legal Education Curriculum. Liverpool Law Review, 38(3), pp.243-257.

• Brooman S Leege D Animal Welfare Law vs free trade - free trade wins: an examination of the animal welfare implications of R v Ministry of Agrculture Fisheries and Food ex p Compassion in World Farming (1998) 2000 Animal Welfare 9 pp 81-85
• D Rook The Legality of Factory Farming; Journal of Animal Welfare Law June 2007
• Ryland D and Nurse D (2013) Mainstreaming After Lisbon: Advanced Animal Welfare in the EU Internal Market; European Energy and Environment Law Review Vol 22 (3) June 2013 pp101-115
• Whiting M: Could preventing non-stun slaughter in Britain harm animal welfare? (2016) Animal Welfare Science Ethics and Law Veterinary Association Journal
• Brooman SD In Search of the Missing Ingredient: Religious Slaughter, Incremental Failure and the Quest for the Right to Know: Journal of Animal Ethics 2016 6(2)pp 153-163 ( Brooman, In Search of the Missing Ingredient, 2016)
• D Rook Weighing the necessity of animal suffering in religious slaughter: religious freedom versus consumer choice and animal welfare : Journal of Animal Welfare Law 2012
• Case Note: R (Compassion in World Farming Limited) v Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
• McCulloch S P (2017) Food and production animals. In Fawcett A and Mullan S (Editors) (2017): Veterinary Ethics: Navigating Tough Cases. 5M Publishing.

• The Aggregation of Suffering in the Regulatory Context Scientific Experimentation, Animals and Extrinsic Value (The Journal of Animal Ethics, forthcoming 2016)
• Sellick J and Lowther J: Enhancing the Protection of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes, Journal of Animal Welfare Law, March 2011 pp1 – 9
• The Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 under the microscope; Journal of Animal Welfare Law 2008
• A Knight: A Conscientious objection to harmful animal use within veterinary and other biomedical education; Animals MDPI Publication 2014 4 pp16-34
• A Knight: Weighing the harms and benefits: invasive animal research. The Biochemist 2014 36(3) pp30-33
• D Rook The Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 under the microscope; Journal of Animal Welfare Law 2008
• Lab animals and the art of empathy
• Response to Prof RG Frey’s comments on Lab animals and the art of empathy
• Animal experiments – putting FOI to the test? (this article was first published in Freedom of Information, Volume 6, Issue 2.)
• Covance Laboratories Limited and Covance Laboratories Incorporated v Peta Europe Limited and others – Case note
• Vivisection: Feeling Our Way Ahead? – Prof RG Frey
• New European chemicals testing policy (‘REACH’) – Information note
• Knight A. (2017). Painful truths: what systematic reviews reveal about the utility of animal research. Proceedings of the ANZCCART Conference 2017, Maintaining Social Licence in a Changing World, Wellington. Wellington: ANZCCART, pp 31-36.
• Knight A. (2011) The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments, Palgrave Macmillan Series on Animal Ethics (hardback 2011, paperback 2013).
• Phillips C J C and McCulloch S (2005) Student attitudes on animal sentience and use of animals in society. Journal of Biological Education, 40 1: 17-24

• Lowther J: Determining the Meaning of Disturbance for European Protected Species; Journal of Environmental Law (2011) 23 (2): 319-330
• Can the UK offer more protection for endangered species? An evaluation of the potential use of Article 8(2) of the Ecs Wildlife Trade Regulation and recent developments with COTES; Environmental Law and Management 17(2005)3 115
• Martin B: Managing Wild Animals; Journal of Animal Welfare Law 2007 pp 13-16
• Martin B: Culling of non nativie species: Journal of Animal Welfare Law 2005 pp15
• Martin B: Protecting Badger Sets after the Green Case; Journal of Planning and Environment Law 2003 pp 10981108
• Bowman M J International Treaties and the Global Protection of Birds Parts I and II ; 1999 Environmental Law Vol 11pp87-12- and 281-300
• Bowman M Conflict or Compatibility The Trade Conservation and Animal Welfare dimensions of CITES: Journal of Animal Wildlife Law and policy. Vol 1 Number 1 pp9-63
• Bowman M: The Status of Animals Under International Law in International Law Association Lecture Series 1997
• Nurse A: (2013) Privatising the Green Police: The Role of NGOs in Wildlife Enforcement
• Nurse A: A Manifesto for Wildlife Law Reform. Assessing the Law Commission's Proposals for Wildlife Law Reform: Journal of Animal Welfare Law, Autumn 2012/Winter 2013 pp4-9
• Nurse A: Repainting the Thin Green Line: The Enforcement of Wildlife Legislation; Internet Journal of Criminology October 2012
• Nurse A: Policing Wildlife: Perspectives on Criminality in Wildlife Crime Papers from the British Criminology Conference Volume 11 2011 London British Society of Criminology
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• McCulloch S P and Reiss M J (2017) Killing zoo animals surplus to requirements. In Fawcett A and Mullan S (Editors) (2017): Veterinary Ethics: Navigating Tough Cases. 5M Publishing.



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