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25 Nov 2014

Lion Ark Gala Screening

25 November 2014 Special Gala Screening of Lion Ark, the award-winning documentary about Animal Defenders International’s rescue of 25 lions from circuses in Bolivia “The feel-good movie of the year” – Reel Talk After banning circuses, Bolivia brought back Animal Defenders International to track down those that were defying the law and to get the lions back. The film will take “you to the heart of a rescue – the fear, the joy and the story of the real stars […]

30 Oct 2014

Cats and the Law

30 October 2014 Cats and the Law – a plain English guide The Cat Group, the collaborative group of animal charities and organisations working on cat health and welfare, has published a new booklet entitled ‘Cats and the Law – a plain English guide’. The authors, Dr Angus Nurse, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Middlesex University School of Law, and Diane Ryland, Senior Lecturer at the Law School at the University of Lincoln, worked with the Cat Group to produce […]

06 Oct 2014

Human rights fight for chimp

6 October 2014 The Sunday Times features an article on the courtroom battle in the United States for a chimpanzee to be considered a “person” in the eyes of the law. The article (which appears in the 5 October 2014 edition) highlights the work of Steven Wise, a lawyer and president of the Nonhuman Rights Project (NRP), who recently spoke to an ALAW members about the litigation in the United States.

06 Oct 2014

RSPCA prosecution review

6 October 2014 The independent review of the prosecution activity of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – report published this week. The independent review of the RSPCA’s prosecution activity has concluded that the Society should continue its role as a prosecuting body, but has recommended a re-positioning of the charity’s long-standing enforcement role to bring it up to date with 21st expectations of transparency and accountability. Read the report and the RSPCA response.

20 Aug 2014

Steven Wise on Law in Action

20 August 2014 Earlier this year, ALAW invited Steven Wise, American attorney and President of the Nonhuman Rights Project to speak about the group’s legal battle to change the common law status of at least some nonhuman animals from mere “things,” which lack the capacity to possess any legal right, to “persons,” who possess such fundamental rights such as bodily integrity and bodily liberty. Following the talk, he was invited to give an interview on the prestigious Law in Action […]

01 May 2014

Should primates be kept as pets? Join the conference.

1 May 2015 Register by 15th May for the Primate Conference, coordinated by the Born Free Foundation and Humane Society International/UK, in association with the Nocturnal Primate Research Group at Oxford Brookes University. Date: Thursday May 29th 2014, 10:00am start. Venue: Directory of Social Change, 24 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2DP. Price: £35 (Concessions £25). Refreshments and a light lunch included. Booking: Click here to register online. Focussing on the animal welfare science, veterinary, legal, conservation and ethical aspects of the […]

24 Apr 2014

Law student receives commendation for animal welfare research

24 April 2014 Essex School of Law PhD student, Liz Tyson, received a special commendation by judges at the International Graduate Legal Research Conference 2014, hosted by Kings College, London, for her research poster presentation on the implementation of licensing regimes under s.13 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 as a means to protect animal welfare. One winner and one special commendation were awarded at the event, which featured 15 poster presentations during a dedicated session. Liz was particularly pleased […]

24 Apr 2014

Ministry of Justice responds to the consultation on Judicial Review

24 April 2014 ALAW recently reported concerns about government proposals for reform of Judicial Review, the legal mechanism for challenging unlawful decisions made by public bodies. ALAW responded to the consultation, Judicial Review: Proposals for further reform focusing on three key areas where we were concerned that proposals would impact disproportionately on animal welfare: standing, third party interventions and protective costs orders (PCOs). In February 2014 the Ministry of Justice published a response to the consultation. The good news in […]

16 Apr 2014

Roundtable seminar: Wildlife law reform

16 April 2014 Middlesex University, London, will be hosting the “School of Law Roundtable Seminar: Wildlife Law Reform and the Future Protection of Wildlife” on Friday 30 May 2014, 12:00 to 16:30 at The Barn, Middlesex University Hendon Campus. The seminar will be chaired by Dr Angus Nurse, and feature the following speakers: Dr Keith Vincent, former lead lawyer on the Law Commission’s wildlife reform project. Mr Mark Jones, Humane Society International. Ms Melanie Wellsmith, University of Huddersfield. Dr Haydn Davies, […]

15 Apr 2014

Course on Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law

15 April 2014 St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge, are now taking names for their Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law Course which will run from 7th to 19th September 2014. The course covers: Welfare Concepts and Assessment, and Zoo Animal Welfare; Law and Companion Animal Welfare; Horse Welfare; Principles of Ethics in Relation to Animal Use; and Farm Animal Welfare. More information, including online booking, is available at www.cawsel.com.