Latest edition of Animal Justice UK released

A-law’s Student Team is delighted to to released the fifth and latest edition of Animal Justice UK, our student eMagazine all about animal protection law and policy. Along with the latest news and reviews, in this edition:

  • We launch our brand new feature, ‘AJUK Investigates’, which intends to highlight areas of animal protection law that are controversial, problematic or silent. We are grateful to Charlotte Hughes, who has contributed our very first ‘AJUK Investigates’ piece on badger baiting;
  • Leicester University law lecturer, Dr Joe Wills, discusses the highly topical subject of animal sentience, and asks what the concept means for the killing of non-human animals;
  • Riley Forson highlights the plight of the African Elephant in ‘Animal of the Issue’;
  • Student Manager, Edie Bowles, interviews Professor Donald Broom, who many of you will know is one of the world’s leading animal welfare experts;
  • Tiffany Mitchell makes the case for affording lobsters and other crustaceans legal protection; and,
  • We introduce you to our newest A-law Ambassadors and our latest University Group at Liverpool John Moores University.

Click here to read the latest edition.

We would like to give special thanks to Riley Forson, Dr Joe Wills, Charlotte Hughes, Alice Collinson, Tiffany Mitchell, Shannon Thompson and all of our newest A-law Ambassadors for their brilliant contributions to this edition.

If you would like to write a piece for a future edition of Animal Justice UK, or have any comments or feedback, please contact Natalie at [email protected].

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