A-law volunteer, Alice Collinson, writes overview of UK animal law for the Animal Legal & Historical Centre

A-law Student & Academic Co-ordinator, Alice Collinson, has written an overview of animal law in the UK for the Animal Legal & Historical Centre. The Animal Legal and Historical Centre provides a full set of animal law legal material for the United States and for select countries, such as the United Kingdom. The Centre is run by Michigan State University College of Law under the editorship of Professor David Favre, one of the world’s leading animal law experts. 

Alice’s overview is an excellent resource and provides a comprehensive discussion of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and its enforcement. Alice also briefly discusses the Scottish and Northern Irish Animal Welfare Acts and provides a comprehensive reference list for further reading. Alice is a qualified solicitor and holds an LLM in Animal Law from Lewis & Clark Law School in Oregon.

You can read Alice’s summary, and explore other resources provided by the Centre, here.


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