EECLR vote in favour of relaxing Scottish tail docking laws

Last Tuesday Scotland’s Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee (ECCLR) voted in favour of a motion to allow tail docking in spaniels and hunt point retrievers. A full chamber vote in the Scottish Parliament will now take place. The motion proposes permitting tail docking of up to a third in working spaniel and hunt point retriever puppies under five days old.

Support for the amendment has been criticised by the British Veterinary Association (BVA). Melissa Donald, BVA Scottish Branch President, said, “The Committee’s decision to vote in favour of tail docking amongst spaniels and hunt point retrievers marks the start of a retrograde step for animal welfare in Scotland. We urge MSPs to maintain Scotland’s position as a leader in animal welfare by safeguarding canine health and welfare when the legislation goes to a full chamber vote.”

You can read minutes and the official report of the meeting here: http://www.parliament.scot/parliamentarybusine…/…/99753.aspx.

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