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04 Apr 2017

RSPCA releases latest ‘Prosecutions Annual Report’

The RSPCA has released its latest ‘Prosecutions Annual Report.’ The Report, which covers prosecutions activity in England and Wales, shows that in 2016 the RSPCA received 1,153,744 calls to its cruelty line. Just under 150,000 complaints of cruelty were investigated. Welfare improvement notices were issued in 84,725 cases, and 1,477 convictions were secured against 744 defendants in magistrates’ courts. The RSPCA reports a 92.5% prosecution success rate (the CPS prosecution success rate in magistrates’ courts is around 83%). The vast majority […]

03 Apr 2017

MPs debate animal cruelty sentencing and dog licensing in England

On Thursday 30th March, MPs debated animal cruelty sentencing and dog licensing in England. Neil Parish MP introduced the debate by calling for the maximum penalty for animal cruelty to be increased from six months to five years and for third party sales of dogs to be banned. Parish remarked during the debate that, “We should…consider the message that it sends if the sentence for beating to death a sentient being that relies entirely on human care is less than […]