Report concludes CCTV should not be made mandatory in Welsh slaughterhouses

A Welsh Government commissioned report has concluded “there is simply not sufficient basis on which to make CCTV a mandatory requirement in abattoirs in Wales”.

According to a report by the Safeguarding Animal Welfare at Slaughter Task and Finish Group, CCTV can be a useful additional tool for helping to improve animal welfare at slaughterhouses. However, the Group does not think CCTV should be mandatory as there ‘no evidence’ that CCTV contributes to greater compliance. Instead, the Group concludes that slaughterhouses should be encouraged to install CCTV, as this can be particularly useful for training purposes. The Group also recommends that the Welsh Government should introduce grants to enable smaller abattoirs to invest in CCTV equipment.

Unfortunately the Group was the made up of representatives from the slaughterhouse industry only, and did not include other interested parties. According to the report, in 2015 in Wales 96.6% of the poultry and 89.5% of the red meat animals were killed in abattoirs that had some form of CCTV installed.

Read the report here: http://gov.wales/…/161215-cctv-in-wales-slaughter-houses-en….

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