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12 Dec 2016

Giraffes now considered ‘threatened with extinction’ after numbers decline by up to 40% since 1985

The wild giraffe population has been recognised as ‘threatened with extinction’ by the IUCN Red List. The Red List has increased the status of the giraffe from “Least Concern” to “Vulnerable” due to a 36-40% decline in the species since 1985. The ICUN attributes this decline to the growing human population, illegal hunting, habitat loss and change due to agricultural expansion and mining, growing human/wildlife conflict, and civil unrest in the countries to which they are native. Julian Fennessy, co-chair […]

12 Dec 2016

Report concludes CCTV should not be made mandatory in Welsh slaughterhouses

A Welsh Government commissioned report has concluded “there is simply not sufficient basis on which to make CCTV a mandatory requirement in abattoirs in Wales”. According to a report by the Safeguarding Animal Welfare at Slaughter Task and Finish Group, CCTV can be a useful additional tool for helping to improve animal welfare at slaughterhouses. However, the Group does not think CCTV should be mandatory as there ‘no evidence’ that CCTV contributes to greater compliance. Instead, the Group concludes that […]