Day of Action: Animals Are Not Freight – 29th August 2016

Show your support for ending long distance transportation of live animals by getting involved in the Animals Are Not Freight Day of Action on Monday 29th August 2016.

Animals Are Not Freight (www.notfreight.org) is encouraging individuals and organisations to get behind the movement to end this controversial practice, which sees millions of animals transported in inhumane and dangerous conditions every year.

The 29th August has been chosen since it marks the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies of the animal transportation trade: the loss of the livestock vessel, MV Uniceb, and the death of over 67,000 sheep it carried on board.

ALAW is taking action on the 29th August with an online article, written by volunteer Natalie Harney, which considers the key legal issues affecting the UK and EU’s involvement with the long distance transportation trade. This online article can be found below:

Read ALAW’s online article here – part of the Animals Are Not Freight Day of Action.

Events, articles and videos organised by other groups for the Day of Action can be viewed on the Animals Are Not Freight website.

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