Monthly Archives: May 2015

26 May 2015

Update: Nonhuman Rights Project- Leo and Hercules

We have been asked whether the ruling in the U.S case* brought by NHRP means that legal personhood for chimpanzees has been recognised. NHRP has provided the following clarification about this: ‘The Order does not necessarily mean that the Court has declared that the two chimpanzees, Hercules and Leo, are legal persons for the purpose of an Article 70 common law writ of habeas corpus proceeding. In New York, an Article 70 proceeding has two steps. The first is that the […]

22 May 2015

“Birds have a fundamental right to fly” – Delhi

A High Court Judge in Delhi, in a case concerning birds rescued from a seller who had kept them in small cages, has observed that “[it is] settled law that birds have a fundamental right to fly and cannot be caged […] human beings have no right to keep them in small cages for the purposes of their business or otherwise.” To read the full news article, click here  

20 May 2015

The Dog Factory- only 29 days left to watch!

20 May 2015 Catch ‘The Dog Factory’ on the BBC1 i-player, highlighting the cruelty that can be involved in mass dog breeding for profit. ALAW and other animal groups are working to bring these vile practices to an end. Watch the programme here.

19 May 2015

ALAW hosts Wooler Review Seminar

19 May 2015 On 27 April 2015 ALAW hosted a seminar on the Wooler Review, the independent review of the RPSCA’s prosecution activity. The seminar was co-hosted by Paula Sparks (ALAW Chairperson), Alan Bates (ALAW Trustee) and Hannah Brown (ALAW Legal Co-ordinator). There was a very good turnout with solicitors, barristers, and representatives from the veterinary and animal welfare communities (including the RSPCA and Born Free) in attendance, as well as a number of law students. Click here to read […]

13 May 2015

Call for papers – illegal hunting

13 May 2015 Papers are invited for a special illegal hunting themed issue of the European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Justice. Guest editors: Angus Nurse, Middlesex University, London and Hans Peter Hansen, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Illegal hunting constitutes an expression of contested legitimacy of wildlife regulation across the world. Community support for the practice has roused the attention of multiple disciplines towards understanding the crime and mitigating its development, while researchers have also explored challenges in […]