Monthly Archives: November 2013

27 Nov 2013

ALAW response to Ministry of Justice consultation on reform of judicial review

27 November 2013 ALAW has responded to the Ministry of Justice consultation on reform of judicial review. Our response focused on three areas where we are concerned that proposals could impact negatively upon the ability of NGO’s to challenge unlawful decisions which impact negatively upon animal welfare. These areas are standing, third party interventions and protective costs orders (PCOs). Whilst the proposals are likely to impact generally upon the ability of individuals and groups to challenge the decisions of public […]

27 Nov 2013

Seal product ban in Europe upheld by the WTO

27 November 2013 The seal product ban in Europe has been upheld by the World Trade Organisation. Click here to read the full WTO report Further information is available on the CBC News website at: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/seal-product-ban-upheld-on-ethical-grounds-1.2438904

27 Nov 2013

Born Free – new paper on zoo regulation enforcement

27 November 2013 Born Free Foundation, in conjunction with the University of Bristol, have published a paper in the journal “Animals” entitled “Do formal inspections ensure that British zoos meet and improve on minimum animal welfare standards?” The research found: “Key aims of the formal inspections of British zoos are to assess compliance with minimum standards of animal welfare and promote improvements in animal care and husbandry. We compared reports from two consecutive inspections of 136 British zoos to see […]

04 Nov 2013

EU ban on commercial seal products upheld

04 NOVEMBER 2013 The European Court of Justice preserved the EU’s ban on commercial seal product trade when it dismissed an appeal by sealing and fur trade interests. Click here to read the judgement