General Court confirms validity of regulation on seal products

20 May 2013

The General Court of the European Union has issued a press release on Judgment in Case T-526/10, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and Others v Commission.

The press release states, “The EU legislature took the view that, in the absence of action at EU level, obstacles to trade would arise. It therefore took action in order to harmonise the rules and thus prevent the disturbance of the internal market in seal products. Taking into account animal welfare considerations, it adopted measures to reduce the demand leading to the marketing of seal products and, hence, the commercial hunting of seals. Moreover, by reassuring consumers that seal products are no longer marketed in the EU (apart from those which result from hunts by Inuits for the purposes of subsistence), the legislature also eliminated obstacles to the free movement of alternative products (not derived from seals) which are impossible to distinguish from original products (derived from seals) which are similar.”

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