Monthly Archives: September 2012

19 Sep 2012

Peter Singer on Animals, Ethics and the Law

The Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare (ALAW) recently hosted a dinner at Gray’s Inn at which the internationally renowned philosopher Peter Singer was invited to speak. Peter Singer, who was recently awarded the Companion of the Order of Australia is well known for his views on utilitarianism and the treatment of animals. Peter Singer was introduced by Mr Justice Singh, who reminded the audience that the concern lawyers have had for animal welfare was not a recent phenomenon; Lord […]

18 Sep 2012

Court of Appeal rule badger culls not illegal

18 SEPTEMBER 2012 The Badger Trust has lost its appeal from the decision of Mr Justice Ouseley upholding government plans for two pilot badger culls in West Gloucestershire and West Somerset. The Badger Trust had argued that the cull would contravene the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, which allows culling to “prevent the spread of disease” but they argued, was not intended to provide licences for a mass cull. The culls are due to start in the autumn, against vigorous […]